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Our firm has restored more than 50 vehicles - race cars, sports cars, vintage classic cars, American custom cars - since 1989. Below are a few examples.

Matra MS 10


Matra MS10/01 was the first purpose built Formula 1 car built by Matra. This followed the MS9 which was an MS7 F2 car modified to take the first customer Cosworth DFV engine. This MS 10 was one of the cars used by .Jackie Stewart to win his first World Championship with Ken Tyrrell. We  restored both of these cars in 2006 and 2007.

Leitch Supersprint


This car is one of the kit Leitch Supersprint cars that you can build yourself or we can build it for you at Leitch Motorsport & Restoration. It was designed by Barry Leitch using a similar body and chassie to a Lotus Supersprint.

Formula Atlantic Ralt RT4
Formula Atlantic Ralt RT4. This  car was originally bought by Bob Jane to run in the Australian Grand Prix at his Calder circuit. In 1981 it was driven by Geoff Brabham to 3rd place and in 1982 it was driven to 2nd place by Jacques Laffitte. After this it was sold to Kenny Smith and he won 2 New Zealand single seater Gold Stars in it. When we found the car in 2001 it was in a really bad state. It had been virtually broken in half in an accident years before and thought to be beyond repair. After many hours of work and a lot of research it has been returned to the form that Jacque Laffite used it in. It is now raced in historic racing by Barry Leitch and his sons Damon and Brendon ( both experienced single seater drivers ).



1974 Porsche 911 S
1974 Porsche 911S.  This was restored from a very scruffy but complete 911S to the condition you see it in here.