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Replicas/Kit Cars

Leitch Motorsport build a small variety of replicas at the highest standard. Including the Leitch Super Sprint a very competitive Lotus 7 replica, the Lotus 23B, Brabham BT21.

Leitch Supersprint


This car is one of the kit Leitch Supersprint cars that you can build yourself or we can build it for you at Leitch Motorsport & Restoration. It was designed by Barry Leitch using a similar body and chassie to a Lotus Supersprint.

2020-05-29_122540 (2).jpg
Lotus 23B
The Lotus 23B was the first car to use the famous lotus twin cam engine. Barry made the first replica in 1996 and has had great amounts of success since. 
Brabham BT21
The Brabham BT21 was copied off an original car that we were allowed access to by the owner. Our cars are so close to the original that we have supplied parts for original cars all around the world. We have also restored an original car.
Brabham BT21 replica
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